Vinotheca recommends:2013-03-21

We recommend one of the best white wines - Tsinandali 2010 from the company "WINE MAN".

This Tsinandali 2010 received the Central and Eastern European White Regional Best Value Trophy at Decanter Asia Wine Awards 2012.

August Bestselling Wines2013-09-16

1. Akhasheni - Badagoni

2. Khvanchkara - Teliani Valley

3. Tvishi - Teliani Valley

4. Kindzmarauli - Telavi wine Cellar

5. Kindzmarauli - Teliani Valley

6.  Rkatsiteli - Okro Wine

7. Tvishi - Telavi wine Cellar

8. Mtsvane Kisi - Telavi wine Cellar (Kondoli)

9. Ikalto Mtsvane - Glekhuri

10. Mukuzani - Telavi wine Cellar



Vinotheca recommends:2013-12-04

Last time most popular wine in our shop is   from company  "Lukasi''. it's red dry wine made from Saperavi grape variety harvested in Papris fields.

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Vinotheca is located in the heart of old Tbilisi, Leselidze 33. Every guest of Tbilisi is likely to pass by our store at least once during their visit.

  • Extensive Selection of Georgian Wines

At Vinotheca, you will find popular products of large winemaking companies as well as boutique wines from artisan producers. Some of Georgia’s best wines are on sale exclusively at Vinotheca.

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At Vinotheca, you can sample from a wide variety of wines and only after that decide what to buy.

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Managers of Vinotheca are always ready to give you a qualified and objective consultation about all of our beverages, explain features of different wines, and advise which wines make the best gifts. We believe that your trust in our consultation is our most important strength.

  • Packing of production for safe transportation

Georgian wine is considered to be the most widespread gift taken home from Georgia. We pack bottles so that their safe transportation can be guaranteed.

  • Gift packing

If you buy wine for a gift, at Vinotheca you can count on beautiful original packing.

  • Home delivery

Home delivery services can be used not only for phone and internet orders, but also at purchase in the shop. You receive your purchase at a time and place convenient to you and it is not necessary to carry it yourself.

  • VAT-discount for diplomats accredited in Georgia

The diplomats accredited in Georgia receive the due VAT-discount at Vinotheca for in-store and delivery purchases.

  • Tax Free service for foreign citizens

When purchasing products with a total cost of over 240 lari at Vinotheca, foreign citizens can receive back 15 percent from the paid sum at export of this production from Georgia.
In this way you pay the lowest price possible for alcoholic beverages in Georgia.